9 Oct

the violence that percolates lower level of politics in west bengal in recent years is unprecedented,unknown in any other state of india. any opposition to ruling party is violently countered  with open armed violence against those who do not subscribe to views of the party in power. this shameful legacy has multiplied manifold in recent years with a macabre lynching of democratic traditions. when we watch the graceful politics of other countries in europe,uk and north america,we really despair. the irony is the home department of government of india turns a blind eye to the regime of violence and election commission accepts the totally illegitimate winner in rigged elections, these fraudulently elected legislative members draw full salary and numerous other freebies and benefits.


26th December 2015

27 Dec

Source: 26th December 2015

28 Aug

tne media cacophony over widespread atrocities on women in india has recently reached an unprecedented and ridiculous level.every petty incident from across every corner of the vast country is getting banner headlines and getting placement along top political news of the day.while it is important to address the issue of female safety urgently and comprehensively,the media noise about these violative incidents is shifting the governance engagement from more serious matters.a new rape law in ipc/crpc is in place after verma commission recommendation was legislated swiftly but middle class ,eager to watch themselves in media is holding flash sit-ins demanding capital punishment which is unjustifiable as in a soverign democracy,there cant be any mass or public trial.normal judicial process and it should be a fast track court for speedier justice,is enough to impose appropriate penalties.india is on global headlines for an unfortunate and damaging reason.

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